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FDA bans Ephedra

Many Americans are upset with the government, but what the people don't realize

is that the government is trying to save their life. The government finalized their ban on

ephedra, hoping to get this drug off the shelves by April. Health problems relating to

ephedra were reported to the FDA about eight years ago. The FDA was unable to ban

this drug due to the lack of evidence. It finally came to the government's attention when

ephedra was linked to 155 deaths and many heart attacks and strokes. Due to the deaths

This drug caused, the government had no choice but to ban ephedra. This is

the first ban that the government has ever made on dietary supplements.

When this drug was first introduced, many people were mislead to believe that

ephedra was a healthy way to increase muscle mass and loose weight quickly. In reality,

people were losing weight quickly, but many were also suffering from heart problems

related to ephedra.

The main reason consumers interpreted that ephedra was safe and

harmless was because it was a natural herb. This natural herb is actually closely related to

speed. Ephedra is a stimulant that speeds up your heart rate and constricts blood vessels.

The ban against this dietary supplement reveals how dumb some people are. The

government has proved that this drug causes death, but people continue to take this drug.

Many people are stocking up on the drug and cleaning out the stores so they will be able

to fulfill their addictions. Many consumers continue taking ephedra and ignore the risks

they are exposed to. These dieters credit ephedra because they say that it helps lose

weight quickly.

This article is reaching out to inform people about the risks of using ephedra. It

has finally been...