Equal rights of women

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In our society today women don't get a equal number of opportunities such as men do. Only in ****1928*****Canada made women able to vote. That was only a few decades ago. In board room's men dominate it, in the UN general assembly there are more men ambassadors then women and even in our government men dominate it. But there is one way to ensure women get a fair number of seats and that is by establishing a quota system. A quota system is a reserve number of seats that must be women. But there are pros and cons to this system, which I will outline in my essay.

A pro for this system is that it will ensure that women will have a active voice in our government just as men do. In Canada our electoral system is "a winner take all" system,, which the winning political party forms the government.

So if a man and women are running in the same riding and then man wins he gets to go to Ottawa. With a quota system there will be a certain number of women in Ottawa. So if the quota system is established the women would actually go to Ottawa rather then the winner because of the quota system. Having the quota system is good because it gives a more active voice for women.

A con of this system is it won't be fair for all. With the first example I gave you I said if a man and women were racing against each other and the man won, but because of the quota system the women really goes to Ottawa rather then the "real winner". The quota system robs who actually won by votes and all his hard work was for nothing. So the voters who...