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Death Before Life Fred is just an average kid, or so one might think, that is until they get to know him. There is much more to Fred than anybody will ever know. Fred had many hard times as a kid, and through his experiences he has grown to be an extremely unique, young adult. He always acts like he has no cares in the world, but he cares about a lot of things that no one else would even think about. Just to fill you in, I'll start off with some background.

Fred was born in a small town in the North, where he lived until he was ten, when all the sudden his parents decided that they were moving, and three days later he found himself right smack in the middle of Chapel Hill. While growing up, Fred's best friend was a boy named Michael. Michael and Fred were the same age and did everything together.

Michael was only six when he was diagnosed with severe diabetes. As you may know, diabetes is not curable, but it can be suppressed. His was so severe that he had an IV three times a day, so he had a thing on his arm that he could just put the needle in and inject his medicine. Fred could never figure out what was wrong with Michael, or why he had to have an IV three times a day.

Everyday during lunch, Michael had to go to the nurse's office and get his shot. He always brought his lunch that was specially made for him, and he was always allowed to eat in class.

All the kids knew who he was, but he wasn't exactly popular, but in elementary school nobody is exactly popular. When they were in second grade, Fred was put in the hospital for a severe case of pneumonia. Fred was in the hospital for two months straight, and while he was in there, Michael was also placed in the hospital for a staff infection, so some strings were pulled and they were placed in the same room. The teacher that they had came and visited them three times a week and they were allowed to pass the second grade because she was such a loving teacher and taught them while they were in the hospital.

In third grade, Michael was placed in the hospital again. Fred went and saw him every day. Neither of them realized how bad Michael's condition was. They just kept living life the way they always had. They would run around the hospital for hours. They got in trouble one day for taking a wheel chair and pushing each other around in it. They did any and everything