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Selecting the Number of Bins in a Histogram: A Decision Theoretic Approach by Kun He and Glen Meeden Likelihood Inference for Spatial Point Processes by Charles J. Geyer On the Asymptotics of Convex Stochastic Optimization by Charles J. Geyer Estimation and testing in constrained covariance component models by Frank H. Shaw and Charles J. Geyer -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THESES This is a new section of the School of Statistics on-line archives, and alumnni are encouraged to post their theses on line in this page. Select the paper to see the author and abstract information. You can download the full PostScript document if you want the paper.

A Bayesian Approach to Quality Control Problems by Panagiotis Tsiamyrtzis, August 31, 2000 Consistency and Strong Inconsistency of Inferences