Ernest Hemingway's Love Life

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Ernest Hemingway is one of the world's best known authors to date. Aside from being known for his many novels, stories and newspaper columns, Hemingway was known in a more infamous way. Hemingway became known for his many love affairs. Between the years of 1920 and 1961, Hemingway had been married four times to four different women and had many different affairs. Hemingway developed a lack of staying power. He started out romantically involved in each relationship and felt guilty when he had to break them off. After a while, however, breaking up and moving on became nothing more than habit to him. Each of his love interests played a unique and interesting role in Hemingway's life.Agnes Von Kurowsky was the first woman to enter Hemingway's life. Hemingway was an army man who fought in World War II at a young age. While in the war, Hemingway was badly wounded and was sent to a hospital in Milan.

According to research, "Hemingway had a machine gun slug in his right foot and another lodged behind his right kneecap. He was nicknamed 'Broken Doll'" (Hulse 5). Hemingway loved the company of the eighteen nurses at the hospital. He especially liked Agnes Von Kurowsky. In the book The Hemingway Women, we read that "The nurses spoiled him and he joked with all of them, but the one who attracted him seriously was Agnes," (Kert 57). Agnes had come from Washington, D.C. Milan was her first foreign assignment since nursing school. Hemingway was nineteen at this time. He won over Agnes. They began a small affair. Agnes, however, would not let the romance go far. She knew in her mind that this was just a wartime romance and might not progress further. Hemingway wanted to wed Agnes, but she would not...