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Ernie Davis was a football player and student at Syracuse University. He was also an African American. This caused some tough hardships for Ernie Davis when he attended Syracuse University, in 1958. He went through many challenges on the field, in school, and in society. However, he managed to overcome these obstacles.

At Syracuse University, Ernie Davis was a running back for their football team. On the field, Ernie had to go through many difficulties. His teammates weren't the problem, but the other teams were. The other teams, not only wanted to beat them because they wanted to win the game, but because they wanted to win against a multiracial team. The other teams were racist against the African Americans and did not agree that they should be allowed to play on the same football teams with the white people. They liked segregation and so did the fans of the opposing teams.

The fans would throw things and scream and yell at them. They not only didn't like the African Americans, but they did not like that the white people on his team were against segregation. Ernie Davis and the other teammates on his football team had to keep their helmets on so that they don't get hit in the head with the objects that the crowd would be throwing at them. However, Ernie was able to see past this and lead Syracuse to win the national championship and he became the first black player to win the Heisman Trophy, awarded to college football's best player.

In school, Ernie Davis and the very few African Americans on his football team were the only African Americans attending the university. The other students didn't exactly like them all too well and they stayed away from them. The white...