Eskimo myth called the 'pea-Pod Man'.

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In the first two stories of the bible, the significance of the difference is very important in understanding creations relationship with the creator. The ancient Eskimo myth "The Pea Pod Man" has so many parallels to the second story of the bible that it is uncanny. The two creation stories, the Eskimo myth and most other myths share many characteristics. There are a lot of general concepts that all myths have in common that is important to understanding the origin and substance of the culture and religion it is derived from. Some of these concepts include, the use of symbolism, the presence and action of God or another being, and if myth is focused on the creation of the universe or the origin of people and society.

The two creations stories in the bible are so different and at the same time have so many analogues. It's interesting that two stories about the same thing can be in one book.

Both stories speak of the same God and the same important aspects of Him, which are helpful in our understanding of the universe, and earth and peoples relationship with God. The God of Genesis is not part of creation; rather, God exceeds creation, but is present to, upholds, and sustains creation which is "good" in His eyes. For instance the phrase "God saw how good it was." is repeated several times throughout the first creation story.

The first story of creation in the bible seems to be the more popular one. God creates the earth and universe from nothing in six days. It is a narration of the origin of the universe as a building project by God. In this story the order in which things were created is very important. He creates, light out of darkness, day and...