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The Entertainment Software Rating Board, better known to Video Gamers as the ESRB, are the people who rate Video Games. Their ratings are designed to provide information about video and computer game content, so that buyers can make informed purchase decisions.

The Rating that is places on Video Games is comprised into two parts: the rating symbol (which suggests age appropriateness for the game), and the content descriptors (which indicate elements in a game that may have caused a particular rating).

To take full advantage of the ESRB rating system, it is important to check both the rating symbol (located on the front of the box) and the content descriptors (located on the back of the box).

There are 7 Ratings for Video Games.

1.Early Childhood – Nothing in this game would be found inappropriate for any age group.

2. Everyone – Exactly what it says. Most games are put into this section and contain a little language and violence.

3.Everyone 10+ - Again, exactly what it says. More of the newer games are put into this category. This group has some more violence than the previous rating.

4.Teen – Most games that have something inappropriate are put into this section. Included in this list are suggestive themes, gambling, and sometimes blood.

5.Mature – Now we’re getting into the really violent games. Strong Language, Intense Violence, and large amounts of blood and gore are what you’ll find here.

6.Adults Only – Very few games are put into this rating. These games have very intense violence, sexual content, and commonplace nudity. Only three games have been put into this category. The first was a game that had you playing as a sperm getting to the egg. In the background are people having sex.

7. Rating...