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My Odyssey to England Doug Miller May 6, 2001 Day 1-June 7 Today I booked a flight on TWA Trans World Air, flight number 720 on a Boeing 767. I booked the Presidential Deck on the flight. The cost for the flight was $1022.00 to go there and back on the same flight a few days later. While in Europe I plan to go on a 10 day tour of London, Brussels, Rhineland, Venice, Rome, Paris, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, and Belgium.

Day 2-June 8 Today I landed in London and took the airport shuttle to my hotel where I checked in. I called and scheduled my tour. It is an 11 day tour of the finest cities in Europe. When I was settled in, I got a cab and just drove around my part of the city. I got hungry and ate at a real nice restaurant. The cab and the restaurant together cost me 50 American dollars.

Day 3-June 9 I woke up and waited outside as the tour bus came to pick me up. The tour bus picked me up and we took a tour of London.

*Note- The tour cost $1899.00. This includes three meals a day at the cities finest restaurants, the bus, and the tour itself.

I had to pay for my lodging. I paid a total of $2478 for my hotels. In each hotel I rented the V.I.P suites.

Day 4-June 10 I woke up and a train picked me up. I checked out of my hotel and we headed for Brussels. I checked into a hotel and about an hour later the guide picked me up and we took a nice tour.

Day 5-June 11 Today I headed for Rhineland with the tour group. We got there and I...