An essay addressing the inaccuracy of the movie "Enemy at the Gates".

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During World War 2, Germany fought a crucial battle with Russia in the city of Stalingrad. The victory of the battle was needed for both sides, Germany needing it to advance and win the war, Russia needing it to protect the dignity of Joseph Stalin, which the city was named after. If Russia had not won the battle, Germany and Hitler would have won the war, creating the Nazi society they dreamed about. Simply put, it is a movie about Russian Propaganda. Russia incorporated a small heroic feat of a young peasant sniper known as Vassili Zaitsev into their propaganda that eventually lead to the defeat of Germany in Stalingrad because of Red army troops with high morale. This basic idea of the story is true, but the other aspects the movie portrayed were not. Therefore, this movie should not be recommended for educational purposes because of its lack of historical accuracy and a convincing plot.

The plot of the movie is quite easy to understand. It took place in World War 2 Russia in the eyes of Russian soldiers fighting Germany in Stalingrad. The battlefields were depicted pretty well. There were propaganda broadcasts 24 hours a day. The German army pummeled through Russian munitions-starved soldiers easily with their tanks until the point where Germany's army ceased to function properly. A young peasant soldier, with perfect marksmanship known as Vassili Zaitsev was the hero of the movie. The first battle in Stalingrad was a slaughter on the Russian Side. However, Vassili, one of the survivors of the Red Army, managed to snipe a general and numerous other German soldiers while hiding under a dead body. Vassili safely returned to the Red Army camp. Meanwhile, one of the witnesses of Vassili's killing spree after the lost battle was a propaganda officer.