Essay on the Change of Societies' television values throughout the years.

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When family television programs first originated the values expressed in these shows were very different from the ones we see today. We viewed three current family programs and found that each program conveys a different message to their audience. The program's names were Seventh Heaven, Everwood, and Gilmore Girls. To fully understand these values you have to understand that each show contains different family dynamics, which directly affects the values and how they are depicted.

Seventh Heaven is set in what seems to be a suburb. This show contains a large family in which many of the people are not actual family members, but close friends. Another important dynamic is that the profession of the father is a priest. This is a big factor in how the family handles the many daily problems. The problem dealt with in this episode was pre-marital sex. The teenage boy Simon has engaged in such activities with a girlfriend and no longer feels the need to maintain a relationship, despite the bond that has formed from the seriousness of their relationship.

The father being a priest obviously talks to him about how wrong it was for him to do what he did, and that he can't justly walk away now. His reasoning in this is that if he ends this relationship he will get the idea that having casual sex is ok. Seventh Heaven's values overall are very respectful. However ten years ago discussing such topics on television was simply unheard of .

The second program we viewed was Everwood. The family in this show contains a father, son, and daughter. The mother had passed away so the relationships were different than in a divorced family. The moral issue that this episode dealt with was cheating on your spouse. The father in this...