An essay on the choices teens have if they become pregnant. It deals with abortion, adoption and with keeping the child.

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The choices you have if you become pregnant as a teen

By Tobias Berg

Oct. 30/03

You are a sixteen-year-old girl and you just found out that you are pregnant, what do you do? As long as teens are sexually active, there are going to be teen pregnancies. We will never be able to stop teens from having sex, but we can educate them, educate them about the consequences of unprotected sex and on the choices they have if they do become pregnant. The choice that a teen has if they get pregnant are getting an abortion, keeping the child and giving the child up for adoption. To make the decision easier, the following paragraphs will include important information on the three choices.

The most common choice for pregnant teens is abortion. Most people believe that abortion is a quick fix that is a false belief. Abortion is anything but a quick fix.

Abortion can cause the mothers to experience physical and emotional problems. The two types of abortions are medical and surgical. Both kinds of abortions have their own side effects and benefits. A medical abortion is performed by taking two kinds of medication to stop the pregnancy. The medication is taken either intravenously or orally. A medical abortion has to be done before the nine-week marker of a pregnancy. It can take up to four weeks before it is completed and there is a chance that it will not even work. There are many side effects of the drugs used in a medical abortion, like, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, cramps and may cause fainting. To perform a surgical abortion a doctor will use a suction pump to suck out the fetus. A surgical abortion has to be completed by the twenty-four week marker. A surgical abortion has fewer...