This essay is a comparison of the metaphors used to explain life by Langston Hughes and Norman McLean. It explains life in aspects people usually don't think about.

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Metaphors: Life has Never Been Better Explained

The world we live in is full of hidden meanings and feelings that no one can put into words let alone explain to the masses of people that have no clue as to the way life should and can be. So, in light of this fact, the human part of our brain that wants to rationalize everything uncovered a revolutionary idea about comparing two things that have nothing in common with each other to try and provide an explanation for the un-explainable. This is what we now consider a metaphor and its main purpose is to explain life's wondrous and ponderous things that wrack our brain daily.

Two pieces of literature that exemplify the metaphorical conclusions: "The Negro speaks of Rivers" written by Langston Hughes tells the world that we are all equal, not in what we know but in how we were made and no one should be discriminated or held back for any reason whatsoever.

"A River Runs Through It" is a movie based on a semi-autobiography written by Norman Maclean and adapted for the big screen by Robert Redford. In this story a father and his two sons have a connection, a connection that everyone knows is there but can't tell how or why. This mysterious connection is explained through the river, the river is a life force binding all things together, not unlike the bond formed by knowing that the blood running through another man's veins is of the same composition as yours.

"The Negro Speaks of Rivers" is a strong representation of how Langston feels when he looks at the actions of American society. When Langston Hughes wrote this piece he put into words what a 'generation' of American citizens needed to hear for centuries, but...