This essay discusses the moral values and ethical principles of the characters in the film, Changing Lanes.

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Ethics in Changing Lanes

Ethics in a person's business, family and personal life can be very different from each other. In Gavin's case this is very true.

Gavin's business life had hardly any ethics at all. His partners in his company took part in a huge scandal to get three million dollars. They cheated a man who was ill and could not make an informed decision to get what they wanted. During the movie Gavin realizes just how horrible his bosses have been. He decided to confess. Tell everyone what he has done. He knows that his bosses should do the same but he does not make them. Gavin wants them to realize for themselves the things that they have done wrong. Gavin realizes that forging the document after he lost the file would be completely wrong. He was afraid of losing his wife and job if he did not do what they told him to.

Gavin's family life was not exactly a model family. He had an affair with his co-worker. Gavin showed hardly any remorse or guilt for his affair. Although his wife may or may not have known about it, he should have felt bad. If he were a Christian man, then he would know that committing adultery is a terrible sin. When he goes to the confessional, he doesn't think to confess that sin. He may have learned this from his father-in-law. Gavin's father-in-law had an affair for nearly 20 years that Gavin knew about it, but no one ever told his mother-in-law. Gavin might have learned to think that was acceptable in their family.

When Gavin learned that Doyle had children and wife, he began feeling guilt for the things that he had done to Doyle. He changed his views after realizing he had ruined...