This essay displays a clear depiction of art and its evolving from pre-historic times to recent times including citations.

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Art Evolving

Life is so confusing and complex; everything always seems to be so complicated. But how do some express emotions and the complexity of life? Well, many would consider writing, acting, dancing, singing, or even drawing as avenues of expression. Some have developed their talents and used them to express themselves artistically while the majority of people have not.

Some people are introverted and do not understand or refuse to discuss personal emotions much less express them artistically. Some are extroverted but incapable of expressing the true depth of their souls. Artistic talents are gifts that allow one to express emotion. Art provides an avenue of multiple expressions because it can be perceived differently than the artist intended, based on the background of the spectator.

The peoples of the world have drawn or created all kinds of art for centuries! Art has always been available for viewers to relate to.

The greatest thing about art is the most simplistic masterpiece in the artist's mind could be the answer to another's question. Art can be a story, it can record history, it can express an artist's pain, sorrow, joy, love, anger, beliefs, or point of view and art comes in variety of forms. From pre-historic drawings on walls of caves, the Egyptian pyramids, and the medieval era, art has evolved into what it is today.

Medieval art was not just paintings; it included stained glass, mosaics, tapestries, calligraphy, and sculptures. Generally, the stained glass and tapestries portrayed scenes from real life of the times. Artist's emotions were usually not reflected in the work, only his skill. Many of the artists were religious and attempted to create pieces "as a way of serving God." (Howarth) These religious paintings were used not only in churches and wealthy homes for decoration but also...