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Fight Club tells the story of an everyday man who wanders from the safety of his nine-to-five life into a no-man's-land of violence and social destruction. The protagonist, played by Edward Norton, is a white-collared American nobody who joins an underground boxing society and engages in bare fisted fighting in an attempt to recover his sense of manhood. How did he lose it you ask? By trying to achieve the American Dream--the right job, home, and all the other things we are taught to get--caused him to lose any sense of himself as a strong, powerful man with a purpose, who is in control of his own destiny. The fight club becomes the means to prove their masculinity to themselves and each other.

As directed by David Fincher, Fight Club is a movie about both the dehumanizing effects of the consumer culture that forms the backbone of America, and the excesses of the men's movement.

The narrator is a slave to the American dream, whose voiceover discloses a sarcastic, nonconforming, but frail interior life. He's nameless, but let's call him 'Jack' (as the film credits list him) because he identifies himself with parts of the physical and psychological anatomy:

"I am Jack's medulla oblongata," "I am Jack's inflamed sense of rejection."

Jack leads a vampiric life, feeding on the suffering and pain of others, while providing himself with a needed satisfaction. In the course of his travels as a recall coordinator for a major auto manufacturer (a job that, in a way, represents the corruption of corporate America), he encounters the outrageous anarchist named Tyler Durden (who is played by: Brad Pitt). It all begins when Tyler asks Jack to take a swing at him (which he does), the fist fighting then escalates into a club, where men can forget...