This essay is about an Indian boy name Coyote Runs and a kid name Brenna cole. Name of this essay is Canyons

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The book that I read is call "Canyons" by Gary Paulsen. This story talks about an Indian boy that belongs in that Apaches group and a kid that lives in El Paso, Texas. The Indian boy name was Coyote Runs this boy had turn fourteen he really wanted to become a men now that he was fourteen, That village people still thought he was a little kid. Coyote Runs was going to do this mission with his friend Magpie Coyote Runs when to visit that elder of that village, he told him "to go get that ancient medicine." This medicine was powerful it may people invisible when they are getting shot at by that bluebellies. Bluebellies was and army back then between 1860 or 1890 that fought against Apaches. As Coyote Runs and Magpie where heading to that sacred place they where ambush by bluebellies they shot his friend Magpie in the chest, Coyote Runs saw it all when he got hit.

They when off chasing Coyote but his pony was running slow and not fast enough like that soldiers horses. At the end thy shot his pony and he felt hurting himself. All of the men approach to him they were saying stuff to him but he did not understand any word. They put a large bore rifle in his fore head, Coyote was saying "Take me spirit" as soon as that happened he say a light.

Brennan Cole was a boy that lived in El Paso, Texas he was tall, skinny and has brown hair. Brennan likes running after school he runs for himself not for a team. Brennan never met his father, every time her mother has guess in the house does people calls Brennan a pitied, they call him that because he never...