This essay is about what makes a hero in our society.

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If you ask a teenager who their hero is, chances are names such as Fifty Cent, Angelina Jolie, and Brad Pitt are going to come up. In today's media driven world, people have a

hard time telling the difference between celebrities and real-life heroes. It is not that some of these celebrities are not heroes; celebrities can definitely be real-life heroes. It is that some people claim celebrities as their heroes for superficial reasons. In order to see what it takes for a celebrity to cross over to hero status, one must take a look at Lance Armstrong who has already crossed that line. By taking a look at Lance Armstrong, one can see that dedication to succeed, passion for community service, and character that inspires is what it takes for a celebrity to become a real hero.

If a celebrity wants to be a real hero, dedication is a key trait that the celebrity must have.

There is no question that Lance Armstrong has dedication--and a lot of it. In 1996, Lance was diagnosed with testicular cancer and was initially told he had a forty percent chance of surviving. In reality, according to Irene Middleton, an English 101 professor at Oxford College, Lance Armstrong had "something like a 2% chance" of living. The cancer quickly spread to his lungs and brain, but he refused to quit. He underwent intense chemotherapy and put poison in his body to kill the cancer. All of this took a toll and Lance Armstrong went from being in top physical shape to being a helpless man who needed to rely on other people to live. Lance Armstrong fought the good fight against cancer and came out victorious at the end. Although his story of beating cancer is an amazing one, there is more. Lance...