This is an essay about world peace. It ties in the ideas of Martin Luther King, Jr. It describes the violent state the world is in and how things can change.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. was born on January 15, 1929. The world he has born into, like the world today was full of animosity, greed, and violence. It was a time between world wars and a time when African Americans were still second class citizens. Dr. King was a visionary, and he inspired many people to change their "worldly" ways. By meeting violence with non violence Dr. King forever changed the shape of a nation and the world.

Dr. King's dream was to live in a peaceful world in which everyone was treated equally. Unfortunately with the times we live in it seems that we could be no further from his dream. It has gotten to the point that violence is almost a way of life. There is the war on terrorism, the Israeli- Arab conflict, and many other international conflicts. Violence is also rampant on non-national levels. There are school shootings, domestic violence, road rage, hate crimes, and verbal violence.

Not only is our society rampant with violence, it glorifies it. "Heroes" like James Bond, Rambo, and Arnold Schwarzenegger are praised for their violence. Nobody gets upset when James Bond runs into a room and kills everyone. People cheer and glorify him for this. Sure he may not be the "bad guy" but is what he is doing isn't right. Is his shoot first, ask questions later philosophy really something that should be glorified?

It is hard to watch television or a movie without seeing someone get beaten, robbed, killed, or raped. Not only do these events occur; they are depicted very graphically. Realistic blood is shed, realistic injuries are formed and realistic sounds are played. This isn't even as bad as the violence in video games. In video games you are the one doing the shooting, robbing, killing.