This is an essay about how the media and different people have profited from the tragedy of September 11, 2001

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The tragedy of September 11, 2001, has changed the American way of life forever. We have gone from the age of superiority to a time of fear and mistrust. To make matters worse it seems that the media has pounced upon this as a cat for a treat. They have licked their lips and have cried for more, more, more. This all started the day two airplanes crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center. America was devastated to think that the "Land of the Brave and Home of the Free" had been violated.

The television news reported on it, the radio, the magazines, and the internet. It was everywhere and we wanted to know more. America could not hear enough about the travesty of injustice that we felt deep in our souls. According to Ecommerce (internet "Crisis means more news." They reported that on the average 11.7

million Americans visited online news sites each day the week after the September 11 tragedy, almost double the 6 million who visit new sites in the week before the attack. The online news category grew by almost 80 percent during the week ending Sept. 16 compared to the week ending Sept. 9. In addition to news sites, the Red Cross Web site averaged 398,000 unique visitors per day during the week. Among online news providers, ABC News, which broadcast its live television coverage in the week after the attack, experienced a surge in average daily unique visitors, with an increase of more than 360 percent. ABC News grew from 272, 000 in the week ending September 9, to 1,257,000 in the week ending September 16. logged 4.6 million visitors each day during the week after the attack, making it the sixth most visited site in the United...