This essay is a personal response and analysis of "the Farher You go", by Richard Russo. "The Farther You Go," is part of Russo's "The Whores Child" book.

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Response to "The Farther You Go"

It is part of our human nature to follow certain social rules in order to live among others. As children, we are taught how to act in front of elders, friends and in many different places wherever we go. We learn how to live in society and how to change our behavior in front of others, so we can respect for each other. Changing the way we act for others many times is against our personal feelings and thoughts. The story "The Farther You Go" is about a family who experiences the norms of everyday family life in Connecticut. The main character, Hank, is a retired man and a father of three children, and has recently had prostate surgery. The story is written in a first person narrator where Hank shares his thoughts with us. One day as Hank is mowing the lawn, his wife, Faye, tells him that their daughter's husband, Russell, has hit her and he is needed over at their house.

Julie, Hank's daughter wants Russell to leave, and therefore Hank has to tell him this and take him to the airport. This becomes more interesting as we find out that Hank dislikes his daughter, and that he thinks she is a little bit weird. "The Farther You Go" is a story that through a first person narration shows us how the social masks people put on, and the actions people take differ from their inner feelings and thoughts; further more, "The Farther You go" shows us that by approaching a matter from different angles leads to insight and understanding, which can lead to the problem being solved.

"The Farther You Go," by Richard Russo mainly focuses on showing us the difference between our inner thoughts, and our actions...