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Sex 101

Sex, quite possibly one of the most attention grabbing words in the English language, but why is something that is everywhere, yet hardly ever brought forward and talked about? It's hard to believe when college and sex are almost synonymous. College is a place where many young adults begin to realize their new found freedom. Before college, not very many of them have experienced such independence as they do during their years at college. It is a great shock when these people are exposed to college life. Nothing in their lives could have prepared them for college. Kathyrn Kearns states in her article:

Two studies tested the hypothesis that secure attachment facilitates sexual exploration at college. Also, these studies examined how types of insecure attachment differentially predict sexual exploration. In Study 1, 200 undergraduates completed self-report measures of attachment and exploration. In Study 2, 69 undergraduates completed these same measures, and two tasks that measured exploratory behavior.

Ratings of attachment styles were differentially related to self-reports of exploration. (5)

Sex in college is something that happens all of the time. You've heard all of the sex stories when you were younger; the ones about the all-night orgies and the many anonymous partners. I thought I had an idea before I came to school on what the college sex scene was going to be like. I definitely did not expect anything of this past year to happen at all. Always expect the unexpected.

All of these males and females in such close proximity seem to be just asking for it. In high school, there was no way my parents would let me have a girl spend the night in my room. Yet, in college, there isn't anyone to tell me that I can't. I always see females coming out...