This essay title is The Great Gasby. This is about a book i read and it desribes how peaople love each other.

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In the Great Gatsby, the book is set about irony and love. In the book, Jay Gatsby is a very rich person who made his money the easy way. In the book it tells that he made hi money through inheritance from a person he worked for that passed away, through drug deals and in the oil business. It goes along with the poem "Richard Cory" because to me it hints that he made his money almost the same way, the easy way.

In the book Gatsby says. "I keep it full of interesting people, night and day. People who do interesting things. Celebrated people." Which to me says that he's a lonely person who doesn't really have a purpose to having all those people there he just wants them there so he doesn't feel so empty inside. In the poem they say something that caught my attention, "when Richard Cory went down town, we people on the pavement looked at him:" in my opinion this says that he may have sometimes gone into town just for the attention, or that the people on the pavement felt much lower to him and all looked up to him and wanted to be like him.

To me it's a confusing sentence.

The authors of both literary pieces show some irony at the end. In "Richard Cory" the last piece of the poem (which is written below) shows that he was very unhappy in his life and that money really couldn't bring happiness, and that people really didn't know him they just thought they did, and to him this was his way of taking care of it.

So on we worked, and waited for the light,

And went without the meat, and cursed the bread;

And Richard Cory, one calm summer night

Went home and put a bullet through his head.

This passage tells that he felt alone and had the same empty feeling that Gatsby had in the book. But in Gatsby case his emptiness had to do with Daisy, his first love. At the end of the book Gatsby finally realizes that no matter what Daisy will never leave her husband. This leaves Gatsby with the irony of feeling the loss of losing his first love.

In conclusion, both the book and the poem are just like real life. In the Great Gatsby, and in "Richard Cory" people placed them higher on a scale then they should have been placed. They both felt the emptiness and aloneness that every person experiences once in their lives. People seem to think that money amounts to your worth, and in either pieces it says in so many words or less that if that person was poor and on the streets everyone would pass them by, instead of them being rich and being the person doing the passing by..