This essay is about the war in Iraq and how i'm being a patriot to the soliders in Iraq.

Essay by Joey_rJunior High, 8th grade June 2003

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I think the greatest and bravest patriots of all time are the soldiers in Iraq. They are

fighting for millions of that they don't even know. They obviously love support and defend

it because they are stopping us from getting bombed, or taken over by a murderous

political leader like Sadamm Hussein. I think weather or not you agree with the war we

should support them like they are supporting their country. They are not even having a

good night sleep because they have no tents or cots the are sleeping on in mud bunkers,

and sand craters. The soldiers families should have so much pride knowing that their

family member is out in Iraq fighting for this country. They all deserve a big warm

welcoming when they return to their families. We would not be free if it weren't for

people like them fighting for our country. We would not be able to speak out against

a political leader like George Bush or Bill Clinton.

I could not thank these soldiers

enough. They are saving not only helping me but they are helping millions of people

all over the United States. I don't mean these soldiers I me all the soldiers that fought

on the good side during World War 1, World War 2, The Vietnam Conflict, The Golf

War, and The United StatesIraq Conflict. I would also want to give a big thanks to

the British who are fighting with us in this war. We have to look pass the words war

and support the soldiers that are fighting for us out in Iraq. I like to call it "The United

States Iraq Conflict" just to look pass the word "WAR". It is also the proper way to

speak of the war because we...