An essay which explains the presence of media in government and its negative effects.

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The Biggest Weapon in the World: The Media

Eventually our world as we know it will be taken over by robots with artificial intelligence. Contrary to popular belief, this will not "eventually" happen; it already has. Inventions throughout our history have supposedly helped us out quite a bit, but while these inventions are helping us they are also hurting us. A major example of this is the television which affects everything from fashion trends to politics; as a matter of fact, politics is close to, if not the most affected by the invention of the television and other forms of media. Television is a threat to democracy.

In the United States of America we watch more television, listen to more radio, and read more newspapers than anywhere else in the world. The media's high popularity has gone out of control, is it right that a person be elected because of what they wear or how they look? Unfortunately, there was an incident when a man was elected into an office more or less by his looks, and even more to our misfortune this man was to become the President of the United States.

This does not mean that John F. Kennedy was a bad president for the United States, but it also does not mean that Richard Nixon could not have been a better one. In the movie TV and the Presidency they discuss the 1961 election and how Kennedy was better looking on television than Nixon and so he acquired more and more votes, although many believed Nixon was a better speaker. This role of the media influenced an important election in our country which leads one to think, would Kennedy have been assassinated if he had won more legitimately, or would Nixon have taken his place under the...