This essay is about why and how one would go about becoming a general manager of a large company or resort. My teacher for intro. to hospitality gave us this assignment and it turned out pretty good.

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Becoming a General Manager

Through out my life I have always enjoyed cooking and presenting meals to other people. As a child I began cooking eggs with my grandmother and felt as though I was creating a work of art. As I continue to learn more and feed my culinary appetite I realized that I don't only enjoy the cooking aspect of the hospitality industry but enjoy pleasing people with every aspect from the moment they arrive. Between the ambiances of the hotel to the perfect sauce running over their lobster, I want everything to be perfect for my guest. I love to talk with guests and see the look in their eye when they walk in to a restaurant and it exceeds their wildest expectations. To see a child walk onto a deck looking over a pool that is larger and more beautiful than anything he or she has ever seen is a reward in itself.

Having a group of men compliment me on how well kept and tough my golf course is or how much they like our wine list. Overall I just enjoy giving things to people that they have never been given before. These are all reasons why I have chosen to try to become a general manager.

Besides cooking I also enjoy the creative side of a general manager's job. I like to put my creative touch into the design of my resort or restaurant. I attended art school at Pratt in N.Y. City and received my associate's degree in graphic design and illustration. Besides learning how to create web pages and design layouts it really helped my design orientation with plate presentation. I know that the road to becoming a general manager is long and hard but if I set the right goals for...