THis essay is about Working for Welfare (workfare) and why I disagree with the idea.

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Working for welfare can be very helpful for people who really need it. It will help the government establish those who really need welfare, apposed to those who do not need it. The government therefore thought of a way to help our community while helping the welfare recipients. Which is called workfare. There are many arguments about workfare and there will be for quite awhile. Workfare doesn't necessarily mean that we are helping people get a job and off of welfare. I think we are keeping welfare recipients on welfare and nothing will change for them. Less the 6 percent of workfare participants have been able to get jobs from workfare. More than half of the welfare recipients in New York State do not have a high school diploma and 45 percent of welfare recipients in New York City have the lowest level of literacy. (Cohan, Marc, A55)

In Ontario, Canada their government plans to make welfare recipients pass literacy exams which are mandatory for receiving welfare.

They will also get screened for drugs and or alcohol problems. If the recipients refuse any treatment the government will cut off any benefits. The literacy test, does not only measure reading skills but makes sure people understand words required for basis work skills. ( DePalma, Anthony. A3) As sad as it may be, many people are taking advantage of our welfare system. If New York State was as strict as Ontario we probably wouldn't have so many people on welfare. We would have a lot of people with paying jobs. Since workfare is being act out we can tell who really needs it and who doesn't. People who need welfare will work in their community for their monthly benefits. Those who don't need it, will not bother to work for something they...