Ethical Questions Paper

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Ethical Questions Paper

There are many important considerations facing Americans today. These questions call into being a debate over whether moral decisions can safely be left up to individuals. This is, at its most basic root, a question of how much involvement the government should have in the lives of citizens. Each of the issues dealt with consider whether ordinary people should be litigated into doing the right thing. One example of this is the so-called "Good Samaritan Laws". These laws deal with the idea of requiring individuals to help others when they see them in a tough situation.

These laws are becoming more common as it becomes more evident that many people will stand by and watch when they could and should do something to help. Many times there are shows on TV showing insane accidents, one question is always why didn't the people there put down their video cameras and help out? Should all jurisdictions have a "Good Samaritan" law requiring an individual to help another if they are able? We, as a team, feel it is important that a Good Samaritan law be implemented in every jurisdiction, nationwide, as the dangers we face today are far greater than those in the past, helping others should be considered a normal or natural response.

In many cases making a law will only influence those who are on the fence. They consider acting, but are not sure if their aid is needed. These people are important as even a single life saved makes a law worthwhile. The problem with these laws is that Americans value their self-reliance and independence. In today's world however, we can even see that we as a nation have begun to understand that the stances we take with regard to our citizens, (requiring them to help...