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Ethics Awareness Inventory Analysis

Josh Whatcott


September 1, 2014

James Patton





Ethics Awareness Inventory Analysis

Interpretation of Results

There are four categories of Ethics Awareness; they include Character, Obligation, Results, and Equity. Individual results from the inventory are result-based perspectives from which the student makes a decision on a sequence of extensive descriptions on ethical viewpoints. When individuals understand what they value as ethical, and the viewpoints of others, they have the ability to make the best decisions. Individuals that have the ability to articulate their perspective on ethical issues are often times more effective as team members, working with diversity, and communicating with others. The content of this summary is the results of my view points of the Ethics Awareness Inventory. Lastly, there will be a brief description explaining how my education, and work experience has affected my decision making, critical thinking, and my ethical views.

According to The Williams Institute for Ethics and Management committing to personal ethics is developing individual moral self-capable of dealing with issues of ethical nature. Through the process of working through the Ethics Awareness Inventory Character and Equity were at the top two categories. Character is personal assets, good value, honesty, wisdom, and a strong desire to do what is right. For me it is not enough to simply comply with current ethical standards other traits must also apply in order to be ethical.

Equity is the foundation on realistic study rather total principles of right and wrong. According to the Ethics Awareness Inventory that I took states that I am more of a (C) Character person. Character person focal point on ways to facilitate people to accomplish honorable quality, they support their ethical standpoint on what it is...