Ethics: Emails vs Workplace

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<--This essay is all about the internet mail and the workplace. Do Employers have the right to monitor Employee emails?? This essay talks all about employers having the right to view employee emails whether personal or not. The employers do have the right and the reasons are further justified, based on facts, in the essay.-->

E-mail is a system which allows you to communicate with others through the use of computers. It's not only personal but also an enjoyable advantage without the inconvenience of "telephone tag". The number of businesses using e-mail has increased, yet also the number of monitors to their e-mail system. Because of this, there are many problems that arise here such as privacy issues. This leads to an ethical dilemma that can arise in the workplace.

It's a fact that employers have the right to monitor the employees' e-mail, and they can do so without the employee knowing.

There have been many inappropriate uses of e-mail such as using it to shop on-line, researching personal issues, playing games, gambling and downloading pornography. Because of this, some workers have been disciplined, suspended or discharged. Even if those companies don't want to spend time, effort and money monitoring, eventually they'll be forced to.

With just one unintended click in the e-mail system's address book, the message for that one person could be sent to an entire organization. People should confirm the contents of their e-mail before sending it. This is because an e-mail could have a long life. It can usually be retrieved from a variety of locations such as networks, local hard drives and backup. People shouldn't assume that when they delete their message that it has been deleted from the system.

Privacy is important to everyone, but when you're in a business where professionalism is a...