Ethics in the Workplace

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As a member of the Department, integrity and a solid work ethic should be exercised at all times. Integrity; including honesty, truthfulness and consistency through all of my words and actions, builds the foundation for community trust. It is also imperative that as a member of the Department I respect the fact that I am held to a higher standard of moral and ethical conduct both on and off the job. It is important for citizens to associate the Department with these traits because it helps insure to them that their rights are protected and they are being treated fairly, reserving biases and favoritism. By upholding a solid work ethic I assure my own accountability as a public servant who holds the ability to affect many lives so significantly.

By affirming accountability in my coworkers and myself the Department is perceived as having high integrity which transfers into pride for our job therefore making employees more committed and satisfied in the job we perform.

Employees who take pride in their workplace increase teamwork, improving on the job productivity and success thus providing better customer service to the public. The citizens of the county also benefit from good work ethics by side stepping the almost $400 billion annual cost of unethical workplace acts. For example the responsibility of employees at the Department allows for unauthorized long distance phone calls, fake sick days and the misappropriation of privileged information. If such unethical behavior was to be found and released, the public's view of the Department and those we dispatch for would be tarnished and result in lost faith. This action in turn could lead to people not looking to us in a time of need and perhaps even the loss of life.

The values I have learned from my family, religion,