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Trends have come and gone over the years. Since the beginning of time, certain movements tend to sweep away our time; however, most lose interest in the topic, leaving it as a trend, where it was popular only in it's time. For example, in the 70's and 80's, hard metal rock came out where rock stars grew their hair out long and started the head bang where they would swing their hair in the air. However, that quickly ended and music has since evolved. Also in the 80's, video games came out and swept the nation by storm with Nintendo and Atari systems. However, video games have since evolved into Playstations and Xboxes and more energetic games like Dance Dance Revolution and Drumania. Therefore, this shows that certain trends can emerge into even more complex idea. Dance Dance Revolution is a video game where a person is to watch a monitor screen where arrows show up, and you follow the steps with your own feet, giving a challenging game that also allows you to exercise.

"The dance platform/mat has four panels, which have up, down, left, and right on them, represented in arrows" (Ing). "The arrows rise toward the top of the screen," as you follow and correspond with your feet (Ing). It was one of a kind when it came out; giving the children of the world an actual reason to play video games. This way, parents could not complain to their children that their games were making them lazy and that they were wasting their time. In fact, many reviews have said that Dance Dance Revolution is "a great game to lose weight or stay in shape with" (Ing). Because of these reasons, Dance Dance Revolution became a huge hit when it first came out in Japan and...