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One of the most common social problem faced by the United States today is Euthanasia. Euthanasia is the act of ending a patients life who is suffering from a fatal diseae in order to decrease his suffering. Some religions such as Islam forbids the act Euthanasia and categorizes it as a suicidal attempt.

The media has played an important role in portraying Euthanasia as a wrongful act. The first reason to talk about is that it is morally wrong. The patient that Euthanasia is being performed on could have an undetected mental problem. Also, if the doctor is a mad man he could conduct unwanted experiments. The third reason is that it Euthanasia is considered murder and deep down inside the doctor knows he is killing someone. This way of suicide is against many to all the religions practiced. After the process is done with the doctor might have doubts about whether he or she should have killed the person too.

Euthanasia is a terrible practice and it should be stopped. Every doctor who performs it should have a minimum sentence set for them. This practice is the act of taking someone's life and that is murder in the first degree. The doctors performing Euthanasia should just go back to working at a hospital. Everyone that wants Euthanasia to be performed on them should be turned away from the doctor.

People who are for euthanasia argue that helping the patients with incurable diseases to bring about their own deaths is not only humane, but also allows the patients to maintain their dignity by letting them pass away at peace. But the question is, have they taken a closer look at the ethical issue? Those who are against active euthanasia argue that by participating in this practice, one is not acting...