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Euthanasia The Right to Die

! Euthanasia is the intentional cessation of an intolerable life by means involving

minimal pain. This can involve injection of deadly doses of drugs or simply removing life-

support. The end of life issue tends to bring out our deeply held convictions, about life

and about death and about who has ultimate control of them. While addressing such an

issue one has to acknowledge the three pillars supporting the need of change,

compassion, dignity or autonomy and secularism, and what all of these might say about

our society's attitude toward the vulnerable and the dying.

Euthanasia is legal in Belgium, Netherlands and Switzerland, although in

Switzerland the only thing that is legal is assisted suicide and the patient must help with

the administration of the drug. Currently, most states in the union do not allow this

practice, though there're some exceptions. Oregon has passed the death with dignity act,

upheld by the supreme court which legalizes Euthanasia under very specific

circumstances. Texas allows for physicians to withdraw life-support in terminally ill

patients. In other states, though, Euthanasia is completely outlawed. The majority of

doctors in the United States still indicate that they vehemently advocate for no life-

support. On the other hand, intentionally ending an intolerable life is still a very

controversial among them.

When does Euthanasia usually occur? Usually, individuals are targeted for

Euthanasia, when they're in a deep coma. What is life like in a coma? A coma is defined

as a deep state of unconsciousness, when individuals fail to respond to stimuli. Its hard to


determine how severe a coma is by brain scans. Its better to judge an individual response

to a specific stimulus, to determine how unconscious an individual brain...