Evaluation of the Ford Ranger

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Evaluation of the Ford Ranger

I can still remember the day I bought my first truck, a 2000 Ford Ranger. It was on

November 6, 1999. I will be evaluating the Ford Ranger from the production years of 1998

through 2002. The most important factors to consider when buying a new car or truck are:

price, quality, safety, performance, and economy. There are other minor things that one can also

evaluate, but I will be focusing on the important factors that I have listed.

My father and I went to almost every dealership in town. What we had in mind was a mid-

size work truck for hauling and towing.

First, we looked at the Chevrolet S-10, Toyota Tacoma, and the Dodge Dakota. I was not

satisfied with these trucks. I did not like the style of the S-10 or the Dakota. The Tacoma that

we looked at was the smallest truck I'd ever seen.

When I sat down in this truck, my head

almost hit the ceiling. My dad and I moved on to the next dealership, which was Larry Geweke

Ford. We looked at the Ford Ranger, their version of a mid-size truck.

I was impressed when I saw this white extended cab truck. I really liked the style of the truck

and I could see myself driving it. The first word that came to my mind was "sporty." When I

test drove it, I was very happy because the truck handled like a car and it had real power that you

could feel. I knew right then this would be my new truck. After I carefully looked the truck over

and test-drove it, I said to my dad, "I really like this truck." So we went into the salesman's

office and negotiated the price for about...