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AGO Incorporated.

Finally Ontario can have a public art museum of its own! The new Toronto Art Gallery, better known as the TAG, was opened this summer and will display well known works of art by Canadian artists. The Toronto Art Gallery will also provide a venue for exhibitions by artist from around the world. It has promised to maintain the best artwork not only from Ontario and Canada but also the world. Many people in the artistic community are excited at the museums opening. Lets hope that it makes itself into a provincial treausure.

King Of Italy Is Shot.

Many Italians were mourning this year after their king was shot this summer. Umberto I was often called "Umberto the Good." He was very much loved by his people. This was not the first attempt at his life. In 1897 Acciarito, an Anarchist, tried to assassinate the king.

He was killed this year on the 29th of July by another Anarchist named Gaetano Bresci, at Monza. He was buried on the 9th of August in the pantheon in Rome. Having reigned for 22 years he became very well know, liked and respected among Italians. The entire country of Italy mourns his leaving.

The Problem With Telephones.

I understand the reason for the booming rise of the use of telephones and their desired use. Though I find it hard to believe this to be the case because when I use the telephone, I find it to be an incredible nuisance. First of all you have to search for the book of numbers. Then look for the person you wish to call. This within itself takes at least 20 minutes. Then you have to undergo the process of turning the numbers into the phone. This is not nearly as difficult...