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Revised Proposal on Gustav Klimt

REVISED PROPOSALWhen I first began designing my artwork I was planning on creating apiece that portraied the Ying-Yang using the image of a demon an ... t it might be more interesting if I create somethingdifferent for a change . I decided to design my artwork from how I wasfeeling at that moment instead of designing something off my thoughts aboutlif ... to create a broken glass effect while thepink background gives an infinit effect .When I started my artwork , my first sketches where created using myown style .When I finished my second finished sket ...

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this is a compare/ contrast style essay on Albrecht Durer vs Brett Whiteley

o, further my understanding of the relationship between the artist and their attitude towards their artwork, I came across Brett Whiteley and Albrecht Dürer. I was drawn to these artists because ... on surfaces, he had the ability to change a dull, blank sheet of paper into an emotionally charged artwork with a fluid like swipe of a paintbrush. Dürer's use of line on the other hand was quit ...

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Manet's Olympia

. Although peoples' views differ no one is to say right from wrong. Anyone's interpretation of this artwork is as unique and individual as one's own personality. The way that someone views any piece o ...

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Ee Cummings Essay that analyzes five Ee Cummings poems and connects them together in style, etc.

E. E. Cummings, an author known for his various poems and other forms of artwork, wrote numerous works of poetry over a vast amount of subjects. While the subject matter of ...

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Short essay supporting the statement "Art reveals values"? For a humanities class

Arts statement: "values can be expressed in subtle and enduring ways in the arts".A great piece of artwork represents encourages the viewer to "respond constructively to the views expressed by the ar ... artist can converse with many people and say many hours worth of words in one painting or piece of artwork.Unlike science or math, the study of art does not result in fact examination. The purpose of ...

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This essay is about how to analaze art. it also discusses styles of art.

This chapter explores how one goes about looking at artwork and analyzing it whether it is music, paintings, or some other form of expression. To do thi ... possibly symbolic meaning behind art, you can gain insight into mood, feeling, and reasoning behind artwork. This leads into the use of these elements in the scrambling and dissection of art to evalua ...

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THe Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Summer Reading Assignment 1. Describe Cover Art 2. Describe Roaring Twenties 3. Describe Characters

omen became more liberal and the Jazz age/ Flapper culture began its development.I believe that the artwork on the cover underscores the meaning and purpose of the entire story by highlighting the mai ... of the entire story by highlighting the main features of the book. For example, when I look at the artwork, I see the eyes of Daisy, burning with interest, the lips of Jordan, subtle and outspoken. I ...

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Michelangelo - his thoughts on the classical period vs. the gothic period

Michelangelo wrote about the architecture and artwork before the time of the Renaissance. He studied the cities of ancient Rome trying to get a fe ... ike before Germanic tribes changed the lifestyle of the Romans. Michelangelo did not appreciate the artwork of the Gothic and much preferred that of the classical antiquity. Though the two styles are ... er" (14 reader) making them of a lower standard to that of Classical Antiquity.The architecture and artwork during the Classical Antiquity is superior to the Gothic style. Both are impressive but I li ...

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oach to bring about reform in society. It can be found in any form of media, including: literature, artwork, music, television, movies, and theatre. Satire is effective because it exposed ridiculous e ...

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How a work of art appears in person rather then as a computer reproduction.

o the museum and opened my notes, I discovered that I was missing the information on which specific artwork I had chosen. Rather than leave the museum and return home to find the information, I decide ...

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The Vitruvian Man. This is the famous artwork done by Leonardo da Vinci with the perfectly propotional man who is able to fit in a circle and a square.

The Vitruvian Man is one of the many famous pieces of artwork that Leonardo da Vinci drew. This picture, drawn in pen and ink is a man that is made up of ... an who fits into a circle and a square by moving the positions of his arms and legs. The reason the artwork is named "The Vitruvian Man" is because there was a man named Vitruvius in ancient Rome. Vit ... picture tells us about the time of the Renaissance is that throughout this time period is that the artwork as well as everything else flourished. This was one of the great time periods in which many ...

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Discussion and comparison of 2 works of Art from the MET. "Merry Company on a Terrace" by Jan Steen vs. "Modern Rome" by Giovanni Paolo Panini.

Every artwork is unique and beautiful in its own way. All of them try to grab our attention. Each of them ...

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Leonardo Da Vinci - a man before his time......

. In addition, he gathered a lot of knowledge to invent, study, draw, and love. Moreover Da Vinci's artwork is very detailed that you can feel the picture is alive when you look at it. Besides, Leonar ... outstanding and gifted man and we can prove that by the legacy he left behind. Besides, Leonardo's artwork is marvelous. Furthermore, he puts forth his best efforts. Moreover Da Vinci is a practical ...

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Notes to Thomas Hardy's 'The Woodlanders'

aware that some of my comments may in themselves need explanation. That is part of the point of an artwork - it leads the reader on to others, which in themselves ......I refer to the text as follows ...

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This is a case study about the artist Ken Unsworth

INSTALLATION ART: CASE STUDY'Installation art is an artwork that encompasses an extended space. It suggests that art lies not in objects alone, but also ...

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This essay is critiquing the work of James Baldwin in his short writing "On the Painter Beauford Delaney ". It is a rhetoric analyisis of his work.

from heaven". Baldwin further expands into the relation of such a light, being present in Delaney's artwork. Baldwin's essay takes the metaphorical meaning of the empowerment of light and connects it ... arks on Delaney's appreciation for the light. His ability to utilize light as a tool to enhance his artwork, is a skill that Baldwin praises. The light that is available is scarce, like that of Alaska ...

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Michelangelo was pessimistic in his poetry and an optimist in his artwork. Michelangelo's artwork consisted of paintings and sculptures that showed humanity in it's n ... his positive and negative sides, showing that he had a great and stable personality.Michelangelo's artwork consisted of paintings and sculptures that showed humanity in it's natural state. Michelange ... ubsequent Western art in general. Michelangelo was pessimistic in his poetry and an optimist in his artwork. Michelangelo's works showed humanity in it's natural state. Michelangelo's sculptures were ...

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Should Art Be Censored?

cide who puts borders on things, well Rudolph Giuliani thinks he can. Whoever is actually doing the artwork is the only one who knows the reasons behind its creation and the feelings that were present ... , if an artist has had a very hard life and is very depressed they do not have to make a "pleasant" artwork. This kind of censorship is unacceptable, having all artwork be pleasant is giving an outlin ...

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The film Witness with Harrison Ford.

in paintings or drawings, the point of view of any work of art can drastically affect the way that artwork is interpreted, developed, and characterized.The film Witness utilizes the idea of point of ...

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Analysis of the song "Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue" also known as "The Angry American" by Toby Keith

ir feelings toward the destruction of the Twin Towers on September 11th, 2001, with an abundance of artwork, poetry, and songs. One of the songs, Toby Keith's "The Angry American," may conceivably be ...

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