THe Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Summer Reading Assignment 1. Describe Cover Art 2. Describe Roaring Twenties 3. Describe Characters

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Some of the things that inspired the "Roaring Twenties" were the economical situations of the times such as the rise of the stock market and the end of the war. At this time, money in the U.S. was flowing freely among many Americans. Inventions were being patented, movies were being produced and life became better. Women became more liberal and the Jazz age/ Flapper culture began its development.

I believe that the artwork on the cover underscores the meaning and purpose of the entire story by highlighting the main features of the book. For example, when I look at the artwork, I see the eyes of Daisy, burning with interest, the lips of Jordan, subtle and outspoken. I see the streaming teardrop of all the characters, the wisps of hair of Tom Buchanan, the city below, glowing and burning with activity. This is why I believe Scriber came to the conclusion that the cover art was symbolic and iconic

What I believe that Fitzgerald is trying to explain with the quote is that Gatsby's image was made up with the different experiences that he went through.

His whole image was formed by past things about his life. I believe that Fitzgerald was trying to let the readers understand who Gatsby's was. Gatsby would go all out for his festivities. He brought in an Orchestra, set up the bar and welcome who ever came. Rumors about him flew around in his own party. The book says that "It was as testimony to the romantic speculation which he inspired."(The Great Gatsby p.48), which just underlines the fact that many people had many thoughts on who Gatsby was but never took the time to get to know him. By introducing and illustrating the Valley of Ashes, I think that Fitzgerald wanted...