The Events Leading To WWI

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Now its 1920, two years after World War I, the war to end all wars has ended. Many know that the war has ended but not much know what caused the war. Many events happened before the outbreak of the war and tensions between the countries increased, until nobody could stand it any longer. Treaties, joining alliance, and crisis happening were common before the war.

The 1st Berlin Conference was called in 1878 to divide up the lands of the Ottoman. Germany, Austria, France, Britain, Italy, Russia, and the Ottoman Empire attended the meeting. The meeting was to divide up the lands of the Ottoman Empire. The Treaty of San Stefano was signed on July 13, 1878 which made the Ottoman Empire give up most of their lands in Balkan, but Western Bulgaria was given back to the Ottoman Empire, and North Bulgaria became a self-governing country. The treaty also made Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Serbia, and Romania independent.

Bosnia was given to Austria-Hungary and Cyprus was given to Britain. Russia who won in the Russo-Turkish War, gained no land from the meeting.

Germany and Russia were always friends but in 1879, both sides start to argue and dislike each other. To protect herself from any attacks from Russia, Germany formed the Dual Alliance with Austria-Hungary on October 7, 1879, agreeing to help each other if any was to be attacked. Threatened by this, Russia started mobilizing military men. Three years later on May 20, 1882, Italy joined the Dual Alliance forming the Triple Alliance or the Central Powers. Each agreed to help militarily if either of them was attacked. The forming of the Triple Alliance threatened the other European nations.

On November 15, 1884, Otto Von Bismark called the 2nd Berlin Conference with all of the European nations and the...