Gas In WWI

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The Use of Gas in WW I The modern-day use of chemical warfare first arrived in World War I. The utilization of gas did not significantly cause more deaths than conventional weapons but did cause vast pain and misery not only to those killed but to those injured by chemical weapons. The ghastly effects of these weapons barred their prevalent use in battles ever since. Adolph Hitler refused to use it as a tactical weapon in the Second World War because of his fear of gas because he was temporarily blinded by contact to gas in World War I. Even before the war started the harms of chemical warfare were recognized and treaties had been entered into to avert the use of it in forthcoming warfare. Germany was the first to break these treaties. Throughout World War I Germany headed the expansion and implementation of gas. Allies focused on security from chemical warfare rather than developing newer and more lethal gasses.

For these reason Germany is chiefly liable for the use of chemical warfare in World War I.

Germany employed the first use of chemical weapons in World War I which began making use of gas on both sides, which caused unheard of and uncalled for misery on both sides. First of all, Germany should not have done this because it was a violation of both Hague I and Hague II conventions which they had signed. These agreements outlawed the use of gases as weaponry. Hague I prohibited the use of projectiles for the lone intention of dispersing poisonous gases. Hague II on the other hand prohibited the use of poisoned weapons in any form. Every country involved in World War I, with the exception of Italy, the United States, and Turkey, had signed The Hague II agreement. Germany first...