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“Ever After” is the unique retelling of the Brothers Grimm classic “Cinderella.” This film is completely different compared to other Cinderella movies previously released as it portrays Cinderella as an actual person. Minus the magic pumpkins, animals that can talk, and magic, the film still pleases audiences with a realistic view of the original. Set in the 16th century, the film depicts life in France almost perfectly with the beautiful scenery and costumes.

Danielle (Barrymore) plays the role of the 16th century Cinderella. Danielle, who is nicknamed Cinderella by evil stepsister Marguerite, is extremely unfortunate when her father dies due to a heart attack in the early stages of the film. Danielle is quite obviously deeply upset by this as her father was the last person in her family alive (her mother dieing when she was born). A few moments before his death, her father introduced Danielle to his new wife Rodmilla.

Danielle was tremendously excited when meeting her stepmother and two stepsisters not knowing her stepmother’s true intentions for marrying her father.

The movie progresses onto Danielle’s life as a teenager. After the death of her father, Danielle’s cruel and wicked stepmother forces her to live her life as a slave. Rodmilla and her egotistic daughter Marguerite together rule the farmhouse and treat Danielle with the uttermost disrespect, never taking into account her feelings. Jacqueline, Rodmilla’s younger daughter, is shy and timid, but is the only person in the family who is kind and friendly to her stepsister Danielle. Jacqueline is often taunted throughout the movie by her mother and sister about her weight and the fact that she differs from the rest of her family.

Prince Henry is an arrogant young man who, like many others, believes in only two societies in France. The upper class...