Evil Teacher

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I felt the ruler smack my hand for the second time, I grimaced at the thought of everyone staring at me, the loudest and funniest girl in the 7th grade class, getting smacked by some teacher with a ruler. As soon as my "punishment"� was over, I sat back in my chair, shook my hand; then, while her back was turned, I disguised my voice and yelled, "Whoa! Look at the butt on that buffalo!"� She turned around, her face turning blood red, she silenced are laughing by booming, "Shut up you little delinquents! All I try to do is teach you Language Arts., but your puny minds must not be able to comprehend this whole lesson, I think I'll keep you all after to teach it to you over and over again. Then you will have a test."� We all groaned at the thought.

Ms. Crookedmind was the worst teacher I've ever had.

I tried and tried to get my mother to change my classes but she just exclaimed that it can't be that bad.

The rest of the class was so boring, all I did was sleep and do 1/3 of the homework. Then, when I thought that class couldn't get any worse, I heard the bell ring for school to be out, Ms Crookedmind remembered that she was going to teach us after school. I almost went crazy to the droning of her voice, of her wobbling, squishy body moving from desk to desk reviewing words and phrases. I put my sweatshirt on the desk for a pillow and started to sleep. Right as soon as I dozed off, Ms Crookedmind slammed her fist down on the desk. As surprised as I was, I yelled out, "Yes, I do know the answer!"� "Well if you would be...