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The group of mental blocks I experience the most is "attitude" barriers. Most of the time it is the negative, pessimistic thinking that takes over my mind. But with the help of this chapter and your lecture I learned a few tips that will help me to overcome these barriers.

For example, our team (Leslie, Olga, Justin, Reid) decided to meet last Sunday at 2 p.m. at the Clark College library, so that we can discuss our tractor pulling project. When I showed up 5 minutes early, I discovered that library is closed for the upcoming President's Day holiday. My first fear was, "What if everyone has already left, and we are now going to be behind in our project?" Here we go; negative attitude! But then I decided to wait, and everyone else showed up. By the way, none of us knew that the library is going to be closed on Sunday.

So we went to have our meeting at the Community Library.

Every one of us had come up with some ideas for the project, so it wasn't too difficult to start brainstorming. But then I had another mental block: "I don't know anything about engines and especially mechanics! How are we going to build this thing?" Since it is the best to just walk away from the negative thinking, that is exactly what I did. Plus all the other members of our team started to encourage me, saying: "Don't worry! Let's just make up a plan first, and then we'll go from there." These positive comments helped me to overcome this barrier, and after about 20 minutes of brainstorming, we came up with a set of solutions.

At the end, we agreed to focus on a turbine air engine. This week we will be looking for parts,