Housing for the Homeless Write about applying engineering solutations to real world problems.

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This essay is about using engineering techniques and applying them to a real world situation. I wrote about cost effective production, and inexpensive materials to engineer affordable, portable housing for the homeless. This was for a critical thinking class, called engineering problem solving.

My professor said that I sould work on my organization a little more and elaborate on the production methods. Also he felt my essay should have been longer since this was a broader issue.

Engineers take theories and principles of science and math and apply them to technical problems. And they must do that economically. That's a little bit confusing. Engineers take a basic problem or process and they have to look at how they can make it easier, improve it, or change it. They use math and science to do this. Engineers are needed in so many fields that they can work in maintenance, product testing, or product production.

They can supervise factories, and determine the source of a breakdown, and test products to ensure quality. Like in McDonalds kids toys. Engineers can also work on projects and they can estimate the time and cost it would take to finish the project. They can also ork in sales and management and work with technical aspects of products and assist in their planning and installation, such as new equipment in restaurants, or displays in department stores. The mini trains you see in malls for children were designed, and then deployed by an engineer.

With that background, I think engineers should look at the world as it is today, and see how they can make it better. Can they make cars safer by improving crash safety? Or perhaps put in sensors that would determine if the car was going into a slide in poor weather and apply...