An example of The policy cycle in New Zealand using Homosexual Law Reform Act 1986 as a case study

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This essay will explore the Homosexual Law Reform Act as a case study of the "policy cycle". Through out this essay I will investigate the interactions which took place between actors such as politicians, interest groups, individuals which led to the emergence, formation and the implementation of the Homosexual Law Reform Act. This paper discusses the background and the leading events which set the agenda. This essay also will go on to critically assess key theories of the policy cycle. This policy case study supports the notion of pluralism whereby citizens can and are able to exert effective influence over government.

AGENDA SETTINGThis essay will predominantly concentrate on the policy processes that happened in order to pass this Bill during the eighties, it is important to appreciate that the concept of the homosexual rights was not new or unique to New Zealand. The concept behind the Homosexual Law Reform Bill had been around for quite some time.

There had been in the past unsuccessful attempts to decriminalise homosexual activities between consenting males.

'Various individuals and groups have a stake in the shape and management of (the agenda setting) process.' In this policy case study there were numerous individuals and groups which exerted an influence on the formation of the Bill.

The first attempts to reform were introduced by the General of the Labour Dept. in 1959. These reforms sought to reduce criminal sanctions on some homosexual activity. These attempts were abandoned by the incoming National Government. The Dorian Society was established as a social club in 1961 but later took the first steps towards legal reform by establishing a Legal Subcommittee. A homosexual reform bill in England seeking change called the Arran Bill was passed in July 1967. The Dorian Society sought advice from the English Homosexual Law Reform...