Explain and describe what the world would be if there was no education

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The natural, human activity we know as learning becomes comodified and is therefore made scarce, regardless of whether one actually pays money for instruction. Learning then has to be acquired - at school, at home, on the job, through an apprenticeship, over the Internet, on TV, via the news media. To reject education means to reject our own minds. To ask what is wrong with the idea of education, then, is to ask what is wrong with modern economic society. It is really difficult to imagine the world without education.

First of all, without education, technology would not exist. There would not be any facilities that make life easier. For example, it would be impossible for somebody to communicate directly with his/ her relative who lives in a different country. He would not be able to use the telephone as the media because telephone is the result of technology and technology is produced by education.

Another example, computer could not help a lot of human's work either. In this kind of situation, the world would be static and not improving. From another aspect, people would also lose their creativity. They would not know how to produce something which has never existed before.

Second, the number of unemployed workers would increase rapidly because they are not well trained with the education. They do not have enough skills to work in the real world. As a result, the number of crime would also go up dramatically. We would also face the world without ethics. This world would just be like a zoo. Everything would be wild, anybody could eat anybody else. There would be no difference between right and wrong either. Everybody would claim his action always right and do everything he likes. This world would be really miserable.