Old Fashioned Education This is kind of a book report on the difference between education today, and the way it is explained in the authors essay.

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Old Fashioned Education

How many children do you know that love to be in school? John Holt, in his essay School Is Bad for Children, tells us his opinion of our schools by listing some claims, which describe the deficiencies in our education system. Holt, whom I most certainly agree with, claims that children learn to do only enough work to get by; they are taught that learning is separate from living; they perceive that it is a crime to be wrong, and only work when someone is watching. It is easy to criticize something and leave it alone, but I, along with Holt, have brought some suggestions to the table that would, if incorporated into our education systems, enhance the quality of education for our children.

Holt complaint that school teaches children to do just enough work to get by doesn't bring to mind any distinct examples in my high school experience.

I never remember one time where I truly exerted myself past any point of expectation. The little joys of having the best project didn't mean nearly as much as they had in fifth grade. I had realized that it wasn't necessary to go the extra mile because all I got was some short-lived pride. I would try and get away with as little work as possible to get the grade that I wanted. From high school till the present I have seen that pride isn't so much a part of education as it was in my pre-high school years. My way of thinking had, from my junior-high to my high school experience, changed over the course of time.

In fifth grade I loved school because it was a place where I was introduced to new things. I saw things happen in school that I would have...