To what extent is your personal response to Shakespeare’s exploration of conflict in Hamlet shaped by Shakespeare’s use of dramatic techniques?

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To what extent is your personal response to Shakespeare's exploration of conflict in Hamlet shaped by Shakespeare's use of dramatic techniques?

HSC Advanced English Task 2

Good-morning/afternoon, "so shall you hear of carnal, bloody and unnatural acts, of accidental judgements, casual slaughters, of deaths put on by cunning and forced cause…..all this can I truly deliver." Shakespeare'sHamlet is a play that explores the fragility of the human condition as it struggles with profound conflict as a result of corruption and murder. The extraordinary chaos that is the consequence of this evil act leads to conflicts that are both internal and external. The instability in the wider world reflects 17th Century contextual concerns with political and social order, yet it is the plays representation of Hamlets internal struggles and his relationship with others that truly resonates with a modern audience. Through the structural devices of traditional Revenge Tragedy Shakespeare draws upon his world reflecting on the fundamentalist's Christian beliefs that prevailed at the time, yet conversely made a comment on the emerging Liberal Humanist movement that questioned the very nature of man.

"What piece of work is a man!"

The play presents this emerging contextual conflict between medieval theocentric values and the rebirth of ideas characteristic of the Renaissance, through effective dramatic techniques. A modern secular audience identifies with this conflict and in Hamlet's first soliloquy ….Facing an inner conflict in our modern context can vary from the stress of HSC speeches to the depression of losing someone you love; however Hamlet explores the conflict between disappearing and suicide against the Judeo-Christian beliefs of the time. The contextual references emphasises the biblical allusion to the most infamous Christian curse placed upon Cain, when the truth of King Hamlet's death is revealed. This casts a shadow of disquietude over Hamlet's fate...