External and Internal Influences Paper

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External and Internal Influences Paper

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January 26, 2009

External and Internal Influences Paper

External and internal influences can affect the purchasing process and how a person reacts through the purchase decision. The number of external and internal influences determines the behavior of the consumer during the process. However, marketers are susceptible to the many external and internal influences and will adjust accordingly. The marketers will be able to position the product or service and take advantage of the different influences so the consumer will be satisfied during the purchase. The internal and external influences are important and impact the marketing strategy.

External Influences and their Impact on Marketing Strategy

The first step in developing marketing strategies is conducting a SWOT analysis. This means identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a company or product. The iPhone's opportunity is the amount of mobile phone consumption.

CTIA April 2008 survey demonstrates that 84% of Americans have wireless phone service. From 2006 to 2007 mobile phone users increased 2%. Two percent may not seem like a big increase, but when the percentages are in the millions, 2% is significant. Choosing the most beneficial internal and external influences on consumer behavior and marketing strategies is critical to developing the most effective marketing strategies. Due to iPhone's tense competition, the three external influences with significant impact are age, income, and occupation.


Age has always been a significant influence on consumer behavior. Marketers have followed the "baby boomers" lifestyle for this reason. Baby boomers have the most significance in the total population. Baby boomer echo are the next significant percentage in the total population. Apple should first observe where the biggest population lies in accordance to age and then determine...