What factors might be preventing working class children from choosing to go to university?

Essay by AMBEREEN March 2004

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Tony Blair has said his priorities are 'Education, education, education.'

Both this Labour government and the previous Conservative

Governments introduced policies to encourage children from working

Class backgrounds to go on to higher education. Although, participation

Has widened, children from the lower socio-economic groups are still

Under represented at university.

Question:Why is this?

What factors might be preventing working class children from choosing to go to university?

In the final essay I will attempt to clarify in no more than 1500 words, for what reasons children amongst the lower socio-economic groups are under-represented when making a decision to enter further or higher education. Throughout this essay the structure, the shake-up of the education system, the different factors affecting the behaviour towards university and, in what ways the current Labour Government are proposing to resolve the present day issues will be explored.

Education is necessary, when building on knowledge and skills to help gain a job with a rewarding salary.

Knowledge is important for individuals and societies to develop their potential. Once an education system is in place it is unnecessary to state that the objectives mentioned have been automatically achieved. There are many factors, which affect the success of obtaining the objectives, for example; the awareness of both individual and society of the importance of education, the influences from parents, a teaching body's point of view, and the genuine attitudes portrayed towards education itself.

The education system, which exists this precise day, is well structured, although nothing can be perfect. The education system is in need of major amendments. This modern day society consists of students generating a laid-back attitude towards education following on from earlier stages of the learning process.

Changes can be made to the existing structure of the education system using various methods, for example;...